Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Reading Assignment for March meeting

For our march meeting on the second saturday we will be reading 5000 Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen.

We will focus our discussion on Part one of the book.
As you read consider these questions:

  • Discuss the 11 characteristics of Rulers Law. Is Washington D.C. starting to resemble characteristic #9? (11-12)
Discuss the 9 characteristics of People’s Law. Are we still paying attention to the 5th characteristic? (12-14)

  • Discuss why the Articles of Confederation were unsuccessful, and the weakness that was exposed during the battle of Valley Forge. (19-21)
  • Discuss Jefferson’s and Washington’s concerns about the extremes in the party system, and notice the difficulty –from the beginning- to keep the government in the balanced center on the political spectrum. (27-29)

  • Discuss the fear that the Founders had of our possible drift toward collectivism. Have we been listening to their warnings? (29-30)
  • Why was there a need for an educated public? What did Jefferson say about this issue? (30-31)
  • Discuss the Founder’s basic beliefs, their varied backgrounds and the people that inspired them. (31-32) 

Please consider these points as you read and we will discuss what we can in the time frame we have. I am sure we won't get to everything so i would encourage you to write down your thoughts. For me writing what i think helps solidify my opinions, clarify my questions and motivates me to learn more. 

Happy Reading!!

 Study guide for 5000 Year Leap 

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