Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Review: March 10 meeting; new reading assignment

We had our March meeting on Saturday, march 10 and it was great!
In the presidents message Tirsa discussed how mothers impact the 3 main threats to national security: Cartels
Natural Disasters

It sounds somewhat dramatic however mothers are essential to everything:
social welfare
emotional health

Think of how these three essentials impact the potential for decline of the 3 main security threats!  granted, mothers cannot influence the occurrence of natural disasters however we can impact how society handles them.

Society at large doesn’t realize the essential nature of mothers (and fathers) to welfare of nations.
  2/3 children born women under 30 in united states.  More than 1/2 born out of wedlock. 
With statistics like these the family is not falling apart...it is apart. how many families actually exist?

Mothers For Freedom supports the family as a fundamental unit of society. To further the understanding of those around us we need to learn to speak in terms government and government officials understand: national security, economics, social economics, guns.

Then we moved on to discuss what we have been reading in the news. Two stories dominated the conversation
Obama's contraception law and the Catholic Church
Utah law about sex education

We discussed the role of government in our personal lives, use of welfare, growing collectivism and redistribution of wealth through the lens of what we learned in part one of 5000 Year Leap. It was a stimulating, engaging conversation. Exactly what we want out of book discussions. 

As a group we decided to read Principles 1 through 10 for our April meeting. 

So here are the questions we will see if we can work through in april (the page numbers of the answers/explanations in the book are in parentheses):

Principle One
*the characteristics and examples of natural law.(39-40)   
Principle Two
*why did the founders believed that we must be a virtuous people. (54-57) 
Principle Three
*Discuss the “natural aristocracy “ and what Jefferson thought would be the greatest threat to our new government. (60-62) 
and the Founders“Perspective” on politics (62-64) 
Principle Four
*Discuss in depth, DeTocqueville’s view of the role of religion in American life. (79-84) 
Principle Five
*Were the Founding Fathers Deists? Discuss Washington and Madison’s thoughts on the hand of God’s influence. (99-100) 
Principle Six
 *What are the three ways that all men are created equal? (103-104) and what it means to have equal rights. (105) 
Principle Seven
*Discuss how protecting equal rights for all would help the entire nation to prosper. What were the key words in the American work ethic?     Are those words still used today? (117-118) 
Principle Eight
*Talk about the three great natural rights. (127)    
Principle Nine
*Talk about unalienable rights and unalienable duties in both the public and private area. (133-135) 
Principle Ten
*Why was Algernon Sidney beheaded? (141-142). How can we apply this to now

 I know i know, this list is loooong. In all reality we won't get through it all in our discussion but i will reteriate it helps me tremendously to have something to read for in a book like this. So keep these things in mind, email me your questions and enjoy the ride. 

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